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Version 1.2b (01/23/2003)

What is AccountHandler?

AccountHandler is a powerful application for providing member registrations and password protected area administration for web servers using the .htaccess method of password protection.

You can use it just as a member registration application, you can use it just as a password protected area manager, or you take advantage of all the powerful features combined as one of the most powerful products of it's kind. 

What sets it apart form other applications like it?

Well, it's a member registration application as well as a password protected area manager. You don't see that too often.

Unlike other password protected area managers, AccountHandler can manage an unlimited number of protected areas with powerful features such as password synchronization. You no longer have to install 5 copies of a software to manage 5 different protected areas.

In addition, unlike other member registration applications, AccountHandler performs validation checks on member information to ensure the data is collected correctly. This aids in preventing the headaches of trying to correct bad information later down the line.

Just look at the features below and you will see how it separates itself from other products of it's kind.


  • Easy Setup
  • Complete Online Administration
  • Unlimited Accounts.
    • Ability to create and manage an unlimited number of member registrations.
  • Unlimited Protected Areas Admin
    • Provide administration for an unlimited number of password protected areas.
    • Ability to add, remove, modify accounts for any protected area.
  • Member Demographic Collection
    • Optionally use and required any of the member demographic fields.
  • Member Demographic Verifications
    • Proper format verifications for member fields such as phone, fax, email address, state, etc.
    • Auto-capitalize first and last names as well as middle initials. 
    • Helps to ensure information is collected properly the first time.
  • Member Area Access Control
    • Easily give and remove a members access to any protected area.
    • You can assign any protected area login username and password to to any member. Allows you to give the user access using their own login account, another members login account, or a global account login. 
  • Immediate Access On Account Create
    • Automatically give access to any number of protected areas on initial account creation.  User can access the areas right away.  No need for you to manually give them access. 
  • Strict User ID and Password Restrictions
    • Define the min and max length of User ID's and Passwords.
    • Define allowed characters for User ID's and Passwords.
    • Defined required characters for User ID's and Characters.
  • Auto Access Expiration
    • Define a member expiration date for any protected area.  Once the date is reached, the access is automatically removed. You no longer have to manually remove the access.
    • Expirations dates can defined separately for any member and any protected area.
  • Reserved Accounts
    • Define reserved accounts that should never be modified or removed.
    • Ensure no new accounts are created using reserved information.
    • You don't have to worry about the protected area login information being changed for a reserved account inadvertently.
    • Admin has ability to add, modify or removed reserved accounts at any time.
  • Password Synchronizations
    • When a member changes their account password, AccountHandler automatically changes the password for each protected areas.
    • Reserved accounts are excluded.
    • Admin can also define specific login information for a member such that it is never changed.
  • Account Approval and Deny
    • Approve or deny any account at any time.
    • Option to automatically approve all accounts upon creation.
  • Admin Account Creations Only
    • Option to allow account creations by admin only.
  • Admin Account Modifications Only
    • Option to allow account modifications by admin only.
  • Protected Area Access Display
    • When a member logs in, the can view the protected areas they have access to, as well as their login information for that area.
    • Helps to save the admin the headaches of having to lookup login information for member. The member can login and view the information themselves.
  • File Direct Editing
    • Directly edit your .htaccess and .htpasswd files.
  • Template Formatting
    • Use a template to customize the look so fits in with your site.
  • Custom Headers and Footers
    • In addition, or in replace of the template, you can define a custom header and footer to aid in customizing the look.
  • Admin Notification
    • Option to email admin on accounts creations and changes.
  • Mailing Lists
    • Easily creating a mailing list of your members in multiple formats.
  • Timed Backups
    • Ability to automatically backup at timed intervals.
    • Intervals include weekly, daily, hourly, all the way down to each minutes and each second.
    • Backups are performed only when a file is modified. This prevents wasting server resources and space by backing up files that have not changed since the last backup.
  • and much more.

Pricing and Ordering

Price: $50

1.2b (01/23/03)

Win 9x/NT/2000

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Customer Site

Trisha Yearwood

version 4.0b 03/10/05 released.


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