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Version 1.1b (02/06/06) Released

What is RatingsHandler?

RatingsHandler is a powerful application much like those seen at hotornot.com and rankpeople.com. The one big difference is that not only does it allow rating of images, but it also has the ability to rate text or multimedia files.

Just look at the features below and you will see powerful it is:


  • Easy Setup
  • Complete Online Administration
  • Template Based Formatting
    • You define the templates and how they look to ensure RatingsHandler fits right into the look of your site.
  • Custom Colors, Fonts, and Table Background Color
    • Admin can define the font face to be used, the font size, the font color, as well as the table background colors.
    • Helps make the look and feel fit your site.
  • Unlimited Users and Item Ratings
    • Allow an unlimited number of users to register and have their items rated. Admin can define the number of items each user can submit for rating.
  • Terms of Service Requirements
    • Admin defines the URL to your site's Terms Of Service (TOS) and each user must agree to them before they post and item.
    • In addition, a link is provided to the TOS for all visitors to read and agree to prior to participating.
  • Top Items
    • Admin defines the number of top items to show and RatingsHandler will display the top items for the previous day.
  • Multiple Image Format Support
    • Support for jpeg, gif and png files.
  • Multiple Media Format Support
    • Support for Microsoft Media Player format, QuickTime format, and Real Media format.
    • In addition, you can change the HTML for the embedded players at any point. Make the player look the way you want them.
  • Single Tier or Dual Tier Categories
    • Support for an unlimited number of main categories and/or subcategories.
  • Use and Require Demographic Fields
    • You choose whether to use and/or require any of the supplied fields.
    • Fields include Name, Location, Age, Gender, Homepage, ICQ Number, AOL IM Handle, Yahoo IM Handle, and comments.
  • Auto Determine Image Sizes and Info
    • Option to have RatingsHandler automatically determine image sizes to ensure proper scaling.
    • Also ensures images being submitted are in the proper format.
    • Requires the modules LWP and Image::Size to be installed on your server.
  • Check Item URL
    • Option to have RatingsHandler check to ensure the URL provided for an item being submitted is correct. If not, it will notify the user that the item cannot be found.
    • Helps ensure missing items are not submitted for rating and bad URL's are not entered by accident.
    • Requires the LWP module to be installed on your server.
  • Check Missing Items
    • Have each item checked to ensure they still exist at the defined URL before displaying the item for rating. If the item is missing, a message will be displayed to the visitor that the item is missing and RatingsHandler will automatically move onto the next item.
    • Help to ensure missing items are not displayed and rated.
  • Admin Notification of Missing Items
    • If you use the check missing item option, an email will be sent to the admin when a missing item is found.
  • Restrict Image Sizes
    • Option to restrict the width and height of submitted images. If a user submits an image with a width or height larger than the defined values, it will notify them that the item is too large.
    • Requires the LWP module to be installed on your server.
  • Item Reporting
    • Visitors can report items if they feel they are inappropriate.
    • They can also include their own comments with the report.
    • Admin defines the reporting guidelines to be displayed to the visitors.
  • Item Skip
    • Visitors can skip an item if they don't want to rate it. All they do is click the skip item link.
  • Ratings Duration
    • Admin defines the numbers of days each IP address can rate each item. A visitor's rating for an item will only register once every so many days that you define.
  • Item Approval
    • Admin can require approval of all items before they are posted for rating.
    • Helps prevent unwanted items from being displayed to the public.
  • Recommend To Friend
    • Visitors can recommend items to friends.
  • Profiles
    • Visitors can view profiles of individuals who submitted items.
  • Profile Emailing
    • Users can define whether they want to show their email publicly to allow others to email them.
    • If they don't want to show their email, they can use a form that will allow visitors to email a user without displaying the user's email address.
  • Admin Defined Heights and Widths
    • Admin defines the max height and width for displaying items that are up for rating as well as the last rated item.
  • Admin Defined Caption Lengths
    • Admin can define the length of the caption that the user can add to their item.
  • Admin Notification of New Items
    • Option to email the admin when new items are posted for rating.
  • Timed Backups
    • Ability to automatically backup at timed intervals.
    • Backups are performed only when a file is modified. This prevents wasting server resources and space by backing up files that have not changed since the last backup.
  • and more.
  • Take a look at our demos and admin screens to see for yourself.

Pricing and Ordering

Price: $100

1.1b (02/02/06)

Win 9x/NT/2000

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Trisha Yearwood

version 4.0b 03/10/05 released.


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