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Version History

For info on upgrading, click here.

Version 2.2 (8/17/99) (Known as WWC Download))
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the script from checking for required fields.
  • Added the ability to view download information by date. You no longer have to view the entire database to see downloads for a specific date.
  • Added two new variables to the setup.pl file which allows for a customized header to be inserted before the download form along with a customized footer to placed after the download form.
  • Database compacting will now remove any extra http:// references from the url listings.  This fixes the problem with incorrect links when viewing the download information.
Version 2.1 (8/16/99) (Known as WWC Download)
  • The script is now template based which makes it easy to customize the look to fit your site.
  • You can still call the script through SSI if you don't use a template file.
  • Better email address validation.
  • Better compacting. Previous compacting removed entries if there were duplicate email addresses. This occured even if the downloaded file was different. Only entries that have duplicates for email, url and file will be removed.
  • When download info is viewed. the newest entries are now listed at the top.
  • Removed various items that were not being used.
  • General cleanup on the code.
  • Modificatons to help speed.
Version 2.0 (6/20/98) (Known as WWC Download)
  • Added ability to compact database into smaller file size.
  • Added ability to view database info for each downloaded file. Separately or all together.
  • Split script into several scripts for faster execution..
Version 1.1 (Known as WWC Download)
  • Fixed bug causing the wrong file to be download.
  • Added ability to choose either form download or direct link download.
  • Added file locking.
Version 1.0 (Known as WWC Download)
  • First version


Price: FREE

2.2 (08/17/99)

Can be used on NT with mailing disabled.


Password for admin section is admin

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Trisha Yearwood

version 4.0b 03/10/05 released.


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