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Formerly known as WWC Download.

Allow users to download any number of files from the internet. Features a database to track the total number of downloads as well as a database to store information about the user who download the file.

If you are upgrading from a previous version, click here for the info.


Template Based
Uses a template file to easy customize the look to match your site.
You can still use SSI to call the script if you don't want to use the template. Although, using template is much better since it creates the same look throughout all of the download screens.
Admin screen does not use the template. The template is used only for the screen the visitors will view. For help with template files, click here.

You can now view all the stats through this admin script which is password protected.

Multiple File Handling
Capability to handle an unlimited amount of files for download.  Files can be located on your server or another server.

Download Stats
Script tracks the number of times a file has been downloaded and displays the information in an easy to read table. Includes time and date of last time each file was downloaded.

Download Database
Full database to track downloaded files.  Includes name, email, and URL of the individual who requested the download.

Database Viewing
You can the view the database info for each separate file or all at the same time. Displays the database info in an easy to read format which will link the email address and the URL for each entry.

Database Compacting
Script can compact your database based on a combination of email address, url, and filename.  It will screen for duplicate entries and removing all but the most recent entry.  This allows for smaller database file sizes. Great for those individuals who are short on server space.

Choice of Download Methods
You can choose between form download or direct link download.

Email address validation
Script will check to make sure an individual has entered an email that is in the correct format. If it is not, the script will notify them of this.


Price: FREE

2.2 (08/17/99)

Can be used on NT with mailing disabled.


Password for admin section is admin

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Trisha Yearwood

version 4.0b 03/10/05 released.


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