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Smartlist Manager

Smartlist Manager one of our original scripts designed to allow Smartlist users an easy way to subscribe, unsubscribe, retrieve archives, and submit XCommands for a Smartlist mailing list as well as provides list member tracking.

Note: The script is designed to send the proper email message to the list request email address based on user choices. It does not write directly to the any of the Smartlist files themselves. It only sends an email message to Smartlist and Smartlist itself performs the resulting actions.


Easy to use interface for sub/unsub.  All they have to do is enter info, choose whether they want to sub or unsub and submit the request.

Archive Requests
Retrieval of archive directories.  Single or multiple archive retrieval. Archive keyword searches.

Sub/Unsub Notifications
Options to notify any number of moderators on new subs/unsubs as well the option to allow a notification to be sent to the list members. Comments and names can be optionally sent to the list by the subscribers.  Comments on unsub can prevented from going to list if moderator chooses so.

List Member Database
Option to use database for tracking names, email addresses and comments.   Both sub and unsub.

Field Validation
You can require the name and comments to be entered on subs/unsubs.

Email Address Validation
The scripts will verify email address are in the proper format such as someone@somewhere.com.

Database Viewing
Option to allow list users to view the database entries.  If allowed, the administrator can define what information they can view. Email addresses can be viewed at all times. If you use choose to use comments, they will be allowed to view the comments on sub with an optional setting to allow viewing of unsub comments.  Name can only be viewed by administrators.

Administrators can view all database info through the use of an admin password defined in the setup. More admin features to come in future releases.

The script provides an easy to use interface to perform all the normal XCommand functions. And you can subscribe or unsubscribe a whole list of people at once.   You no longer have to send a separate email for every one.  All you do is provide the info and the script will send all necessary email messages for you.

Open/Closed List
You can define whether your list is open or closed by setting options to allow any subscriptions and unsubscriptions to be processed automatically. If you set them so that they are not processed automatically, any request will be placed into a request database and from there you can use the XCommand interface to sub/unsub these individuals. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

The script can be called directly or through server side includes (SSI).


The setup.pl file includes setup instructions which explains how to get the script up and running in no time.
If you are having any problems, feel free to write us: scripts@ubidog.com.

The convert1to13.pl file is used only to convert a version 1.0 database to a version 1.3 format. Only those whose used version 1.0 need to use this file.

Price: FREE

1.4 (06/15/99)

OS: Unix

Customer Site

Trisha Yearwood

version 4.0b 03/10/05 released.


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